Hello and welcome to The Four Heroes Project Blog. This is my hobby journal that have a strong emphasis on miniatures with some fantasy or science fiction element. I grew up playing Battle Masters and HeroQuest. The latter board game is the inspiration for this blog's name. Those two games introduced me to the miniature hobby and led me to accrue large amount of miniatures for table top games over the years.

I want my hobby to not only be about collecting miniatures, but also to encompass modelling them, painting them, gaming with them, and creating narratives to enrich the overall hobby experience. Collecting miniatures was the easy part. The hard part was everything else! This blog tries to rectify that.

The main goal is to just get more models in my collection painted. What seems to be the best way to accomplish that is to group them up as part of smaller projects within larger projects. Models are painted under four broad, not mutually exclusive, project directions:
  1. Miniatures for War Games - The goal is to paint models as part of armies, squads, or crews used in miniature war games. For me, the difference between this game category and other miniature games is the use of a ruler for measuring distance. Games included here are Age of Sigmar, 40K, Infinity, and Malifaux. Painting Warhammer fantasy armies was one of the original reason for making this blog. 
  2. Miniatures for Board Games - The goal is to paint miniatures used in board games. Unlike miniature war games that require a ruler to measure distances, miniature board games use the markings on the board or tiles as the basis for measuring distance and movement. Example of miniatures in this category are from the Dungeons & Dragons Adventure, Super Dungeon and Zombicide expandable board game systems.
  3. Miniatures for Role Playing Games - Models can be heroes,villains, adventurers, monsters, any denizens within our imagination that populate their respective game worlds. The goal is to paint models used mostly for role playing games such as the Dungeons & Dragons and Infinity RPG systems or as objectives in other miniature war games and board games.
  4. Scenery and Accessories for Games - The goal is to enrich the entire gaming experience by creating environments for miniatures to wage battle or explore in. In addition, I would like to create aesthetically pleasing and practical tokens and markers to streamline games.
These goals should keep me busy for many years!

Below gives a general idea of the type of miniatures I have in my collection.
  • By Company
    • Games Workshop ~45.4%
    • Cool Mini or Not ~ 12.7%
    • Soda Pop Miniatures ~11.2%
    • Corvus Belli ~8.2%
    • Wyrd Miniatures ~6.9%
    • Reaper Miniatures ~4.0%
    • Perry Miniatures ~2.4%
    • Steamforged Games ~1.7%
    • Wizards of the Coast ~1.4%
    • Flying Frog Productions ~1.1%
    • Other ~5.0%
  • By Setting/Genre
    • Ancient Age Setting ~65.3%
    • Futuristic Age Setting ~17.3%
    • Modern Age Setting ~9.0%
    • Industrial Age Setting ~8.4%
Finally, I want to use this space to talk about playing tabletop games (not limited to just games that uses miniatures).

Last Updated: November 14, 2017

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