Tuesday, May 2, 2017

My Hobby and Blog in April 2017

April has passed and we are into May now...

CMON - Rising Sun Kickstarter ended and the next CMON Kickstarter will be Zombicide: Green Horde. This will be compatible with Zombicide: Black Plague rather than classic Zombicide. My ancient fantasy niche collection pretty much is occupied by Games Workshop and Reaper Miniatures. As with Black Plague and Massive Darkness Kickstarter, it is highly unlikely that I will be backing the Green Hordes Kickstarter.

I decided to pick up The Others: 7 Sins board game with the Kickstarter exclusives. The overall theme is of great interest to me, but due to the level of grotesqueness I decided not to invest in this project. Most of the board games I purchased I have intentions to play with my nephews and nieces. This is not a game I will play with my nephews and nieces, until they are at a much more mature age. This fills in the modern miniature board game niche. While classic Zombicide is a cooperative game experience, The Others: 7 Sins will provide a competitive game experience.

My Rum and Bones: Second Tide Kickstarter pledge was completely fulfilled on April 29th! This is the first Kickstarter I backed during the campaign to be completely fulfilled (I back Happy Seppuku 20115 stampede post Kickstarter campaign). Unlike Zombicide, I feel that the Rum & Bones exclusives are essential for this game to be played for many years. Retail version of Second Tide have no mercenaries and there are only 6 mercenaries in the retail version from Season 1. Therefore selection of heroes is limited to mainly faction-specific heroes (8 to 11). Comparing retail-only purchases versus backing the Kickstarter project is a difference of  6 mercenary-choices per faction to 60-plus mercenary choices for each faction.

A surprise news from CMON is direct-to-retail Rum & Bones products coming this summer: Hammers of Ragnarok (the 9th faction themed around vikings) and Mercenaries Hero's Chest (10 mercenaries).

Corvus Belli - The manga Outrage was released late April with a pre-order exclusive miniature, Knauf from the story. The preview for Infinity May releases have multiple pilot models that I plan to pick up.

Games Workshop revealed the third warband to join the Khorne and Stormcast Eternals warriors in the upcoming Underworlds: Shaespire arena combat card game. They are the undead Sepulchral Guards. I'm guessing with Order, Chaos, and Death "Grand Alliances" represented that the fourth warband to be revealed will be from the "Destruction" faction.

Games Workshop also change their policy on how their products are sold in online retail stores. Which means my local game store will be restocking Games Workshop products again!

Modiphius - a nearly complete 400+ page draft of the Infinity RPG core book was uploaded for backers to peruse! This was my first Kickstarter I backed and it was delayed for a considerable amount of time. This is just the first of 20 plus books that the Kickstarter was supposed to make. Hopefully the remaining books will not take this long to complete.

Reaper Miniatures - the 25th Anniversary miniature for April is Hecklemeyer and Styx. My future purchases from Reaper will foucs on increasing the village and town folks, accessories, terrains, and themed group of monsters. For April and May I will try to round out my demon miniature collection.

Steamforged Guild Ball - The remaining Hunter's Guild and Season III rulebook with the fluff background.

Organization - I started this blog as incentive to get more miniatures painted. That has gone very slow and there is another issue I have: organizing my collection. This will make it easier to find the miniatures when I need to and also to manage space more efficiently. About 89% of my collection is organized, but that still means 900 miniatures remain to be organized...

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