Friday, March 31, 2017

My Hobby and Blog in March 2017

March comes to an end and I have touched the knife and paint just a little bit this month. Some random miniature and game news of interest to me:

Reaper - Tara the Silent is the March 25th Anniversary model. For April it is Hecklemeyer and Styx an undead jestor. The last container ship for Bones has left port for the US. So hopefully the five headed dragon, giants, monsters, and mouslings will be in my hands in the coming months.

Ninja Division - Their Kickstarter ended for Relic Knights 2.0. They now have 4 ongoing Kickstarters in which I am backing. This does not include the collaboration with Modiphius on Siege of the Citadel chibi miniatures and an upcoming Warforged: First Contact game. They are also making pre-painted miniatures for Paizo's Starfinder RPG. With Rail Raiders Infinite and Super Dungeon Legends not meeting anywhere close to their estimated fulfillment, I am very hesitant in supporting any new products by the company. To my surprise, there will be 8 additional chbi Way of the Fighter miniatures for use with Super Dungeon Explore.

CMON - shipment of the remaining  Rum & Bones Second Time Kickstarter pledge has begun in the US. So hopefully I will get them early April. This month, I backed two additional CMON projects. First, I backed Rising Sun a board game melding politics, war, and Japanese mythology into a unique game of strategy. I decided to back this after CMON reveal a Chinese-inspired Dynasty Invasion expansion; however, the visuals make it that I won't be playing this game with my younger nephews and nieces. I have also invested as a late backer to The World of SMOG: Rise of Moloch a victorian-based adventure game. I wanted to expand on my industrial world setting and these miniatures and there is a slight humor to the strange and grotesque imagery.

Wyrd - The finalization of The Other Side pledges is tentatively stated to be the end of April. 47K short of the limited edition figures of Thrace and Binh. At Adepticon, an interview with Beasts of War, Wyrd indicated that they have planned things for The Other Side for up to 3 years and that there will be more allegiances. The Three Kingdoms (Asia) and an American-based allegiance is on the top of the list of what I would want to come up next. Playtest for what I assumed is the fifth wave for the end of the year and two new board games.

Games Workshop - Exciting news coming from Games Workshop as they seem to be repairing a lot of the damage that was done in the past 10+ years. Two small-scale games coming in the near future from Games Workshop are Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire and Shadow War: Armageddon. I am interested in both games, Shadespire is a small-scale fantasy tactical arena combat game using dice and customized decks. Armageddon is a skirmish combat in a hive world with rules based on Necromunda.

Steamforged - for Guild Ball Season 3, by March each of the original factions will get one new model. In April, the Hunters Guild will get the rest of the miniatures to match the original guilds roster size. Two more Union players related to the Solthecian Church in May and the all new Farmers' Guild will be completely made in plastic. The two mascots of the Farmer's Guild are a chicken and a donkey.

WizKids - came out with a large amount of unpainted fantasy miniatures under Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder brand. For the price and quality of the miniatures, they are a good alternative to Reaper Bones miniature line. WizKids is the same company that made the Temple of Elemental Evil game for the Dungeons & Dragons Adventure System.

Paizo - I recently heeard of Starfinder, a futuristic science fiction version of their ancient fantasy RPG Pathfinder, It is coming out in the latter half of 2017. I am interested in getting the digital version of both Starfinder and Pathfinder. As mentioned above, Ninja Division are producing pre-painted versions of models for the Starfinder game.

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