Monday, March 13, 2017

My Hobby and Blog in Feburary 2017 - Late!

Two weeks late for the February monthly update. I have not done much in this hobby as my free time was spent playing games and reading. So this is a relatively brief post.

First, Reaper Miniatures monthly 25th Anniversary miniature for February and March are Domur and Tara. I plan to get some of the Bones plastic figures to get the free monthly 25th Anniversary figures. Most likely plan to purchase miniatures that would fit in a narrative for a short or long adventure.

Second, the Rum & Bones: Second Tide Kickstarter shipped the core game to their US backers. I received my copy in mid February. The next two waves will be the rest of the expansions and accessories which I expect to get in mid to late March. The kids seem to like MOBA style games so this may be of interest to them!

Lastly, Relic Knights 2nd Edition Kickstarter got launched at the end of February. This will be my fourth project by Ninja Division/Soda Pop Miniatures that I will be backing. I have recently invested into these miniatures so I would like to see advances in this game system and background. I am hesitant  to back any additional projects from Ninja Division as all of their projects I backed have not been fulfilled yet. Overall, I have now backed 12 Kickstarter products during their campaigns and 2 additional Kickstarters post-campaign.

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