Saturday, December 31, 2016

My Hobby and Blog in December 2016

Current Wyrd Kickstarter for a large scale war game sharing the same setting as the Malifaux skirmish game.
Around this time last year, I set some goals on how much miniatures I wanted to finish painting for 2016. I am so far off from what I wanted to accomplish! Though I started on many different projects, I have only completely painted 13 miniatures. I did completed transcribing my handwritten note before starting this blog. Now I have to just transcribe those handwritten notes I made after starting this blog. Anyways, I am hoping for more wonderful things in 2017 and that I will be more productive next year!

The Other Side and Through the Breach

After following the Malifaux background, it was interesting enough that it made me want to learn more about the characters and the world that they live in. The Other Side, an upcoming larger scale tabletop war game on the Earth side (currently on Kickstarter) and Through the Breach the role playing game allows me to explore more of this Industrial world setting. This kickstarter ends in late January. 

Mythic Battles: Pantheon

Of all the Kickstarters I have backed, the creators of this project made a lot of effort to garner support and interacted very closely to the backers. They took characters throughout Greek mythology and put them all together with the Gods and Titans weakened from the war between them. The next set of miniatures will be based on Norse mythology with a rough estimate of that product line to be in 2018. I am hoping Chinese mythology would be one of the future product lines they will include in Mythic Battles.

Way of the Fighter

The Kickstarter ended  with Ninja Division giving everything they revealed as Stretch Goals for free. It is a nice gesture for their backers, making the total number of fighters in the game to be 22 (2 of them KS exclusive). Lately I have been playing card games with my nephews and nieces and I think I will use this blog space to write more about them. There will be more posts related to game mechanics in the future. With Way of the Fighter, I have already started compiling the information pertaining to the fighter decks and the technique packs.

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