Saturday, December 31, 2016

My Hobby and Blog in December 2016

Current Wyrd Kickstarter for a large scale war game sharing the same setting as the Malifaux skirmish game.
Around this time last year, I set some goals on how much miniatures I wanted to finish painting for 2016. I am so far off from what I wanted to accomplish! Though I started on many different projects, I have only completely painted 13 miniatures. I did completed transcribing my handwritten note before starting this blog. Now I have to just transcribe those handwritten notes I made after starting this blog. Anyways, I am hoping for more wonderful things in 2017 and that I will be more productive next year!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

[Games] Way of the Fighter - Technique Packs

Preview of Chi Style Yang Technique Pack from the Kickstarter

Last Updated on 1/31/2018: Updated this entry with technique grids. In Way of the Fighters, you have the ability to adjust how your character plays through selection of 4 Technique Packs. Each character select Technique Packs based on the Style requirements listed on their Character cards. The 30 Technique Packs are divided into 5 Styles: Chi, Fluid, Hard, Soft, and Wrestle. Listed after each action is the type of action and its priority value in parenthesis.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

[Games] Way of the Fighter - Fighter Deck Overview

Last Updated on 12/24/2017..Ninja Division's Way of the Fighter is a tabletop game that pays tribute to 2D fighting games. This game was designed by Benjamin Yamada and came to fruition through Kickstarter. The aesthetic and game mechanics should be familiar to anyone that play fighting games in the arcades or on consoles.  There is also a sense of skill/level advancement during the match through the use of Mode action cards.