Sunday, January 31, 2016

My Hobby and Blog in January 2016

New brushes in their own containers!
For the month of January, I worked on the 10 Chaos Archers from Battle Masters box set and 2 Pathfinder miniatures--Alain and Oriana--from Reaper. The latter are gifts for my nephew and niece and are not part of my collection. Comparing these figures to the Chaos Archers there is quite a dramatic size difference. This is not just due to them being made from different companies, but appears to be a general trend of miniatures at the 25-28 mm scale getting larger. I am not so worried about the size discrepancy since normally there is a range of different heights between people. As I worked on these miniatures, I went out and expanded the tools and materials I used.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

[Infinity] A Survey of the Generic Armies' Troop Types

Last updated on January 29. 2016 - I am really excited about Infinity--both the Corvus Belli's skirmish game and the upcoming Modiphius' RPG. For me, the miniatures are aesthetically pleasing and the setting is rather refreshing compared to other science fiction settings. I have been browsing the web to learn more about Infinity's background. This led me to the Human Sphere section on Corvus Belli Infinity's webpage where background for each of the 8 factions are given with a characteristic rating chart. There seems to be some discrepancy between these ratings with what is currently available for each faction. As someone who likes to survey and organize information, I decided to analyze and make comparisons between the 8 generic armies for the skirmish game.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

[Log] Battle Masters Chaos and Destruction - Part 1

October 21, 2015 to January 3. 2016 - Now that I have finished painting the miniatures for the Battle Master's Imperial army, it is time for me to start the log for the Chaos side. The Battle Masters' Chaos Army have 60 miniatures. The models can be used for 4 different Warhammer Fantasy armies or for 2 Grand Alliances in Age of Sigmar--Chaos and Destruction. I will be working on the Chaos Archers first.  A theme for these Chaos Archers is that the unit consists of men from all different parts of the world.