Thursday, March 31, 2016

My Hobby and Blog in March 2016 #4

Working on 4 different projects simultaneously...
A quick post for the end of March.

The Four Heroes Workshop

Anything related to my projects, modelling, painting, etc.

Since the Last Update...

I started working on multiple projects at the same time...for better or worse! Most likely I will paint one or a group of figures together while planning out how to paint or to model the other groups of figures.

[Workshop] Magnets

Last Updated: December 4, 2017. I attached magnets underneath the bases of miniatures for the purpose of storage and transport of miniatures. I plan to make trays and shelves with a metal surface - 28 gauge galvanized steel sheet. Here is just a list of the different type of magnets I used.

Friday, March 25, 2016

My Hobby and Blog in March 2016 #3

The Four Heroes Workshop

Anything related to my projects, modelling, painting, etc.
Trying different skin color for Orcs and Goblins

Since the Last Update...

I touched up on Alain and Oriana. These have not been worked on as much since nephews and nieces have not been around.

I finished preparing all the Battle Masters Chaos Army infantry for painting. All infantry bases were painted and those models with eyes had them painted. I started work on the orcs and goblins skin, trying out three different green base coats. I think the light yellowish green color might be too light and different from the other skin colors. I likely will go with a darker green shade to those yellow-green skin orcs and goblins.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

[Archives] King's Wall

The King's Walls from Warhammer Fantasy Battle 7th Edition starter box: Battle for Skull Pass Set were the first plastic items I painted that were not from the games I played as a child (Battle Masters and HeroQuest). Since I had more than one fence, I decided to experiment with them to see if I can identify differences between painting miniatures with a white or black undercoat. With the way I was painting back then--opaque paint coverage rather than a semi-transparent paint coverage--I really don't see much of a difference. It was a fun and fairly simple terrain piece to paint. I used the painted version of the King's Walls from the box front and back cover as a template for my paint scheme.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My Hobby and Blog in March 2016 #2

The Four Heroes Workshop

Anything related to my projects, modelling, painting, etc.
Preparation of Battle Masters Chaos Army for painting


I have decided on changing how I organize my blog again. I will use Logs posts for broader project updates rather than for just mundane updates. I will use the "My Hobby and Blog" posts for the smaller updates.

Monday, March 14, 2016

[Archives] Trees, Woodland Scenics

Last Updated on August 13. 2016 - Trees...lots of trees! I completed 14 trees and have 26 more trees that is near completion. I just have to complete their bases. The trees. however, are currently in a storage box until I have more game room space. The original purpose for these trees was to use them as modular difficult and very difficult terrain pieces for Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Now, I plan to use them as individual terrain pieces for skirmish games such as Infinity. Back then, I decided on a general theme for my game terrains--a battlefield stomped around by troops. So overall, the ground will be patchy with grass. The original idea was that the tree terrains will have slightly more grass than the other terrain pieces as armies would not trampled forest area as much as they would in open terrain.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

My Hobby and Blog in March 2016 #1

hi photo 409434711_7c32198636_o.gifHello! The format of the "My Hobby and Blog" monthly posts will be slightly different. I currently like how I write small passages that do not warrant an individual blog post for each one and gathering them up into one post on a monthly basis. Instead of being just monthly posts now, I plan to post these on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis depending on how many small passages I have written. In addition, these collection of small passages posts are compartmentalized into two general categories: "The Four Heroes Workshop" and "The World of Games and Miniatures".

Friday, March 4, 2016

[Log] Alain and Oriana - Part 2

February 1st, 2016 to February 15, 2016 - Here is quick update to what I have done on Alain and Oriana. Work on these was temporarily halted as I put the time into completing the Battle Masters Chaos Archers. Going to take the time to finish these two models now. Base coast was painted onto most of the different parts of the miniatures.
Front View...

[Archives] Hill, Homemade

I have collected miniatures and play games with them since the early 1990s. The late 2000s is when I started building, modeling, and painting game pieces. The very first thing I built for miniature gaming was this cardboard hill terrain. When I first made this terrain piece, I was quite happy with how it turned out. Since then, I have better terrain pieces to represent hills. In the future, I would like to go back to this terrain piece and convert it into some type of special terrain.